Video Management for Education
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A Video Management
Solution Built for Education

Live Streaming

• Start Live Streaming Without Purchasing
Expensive Hardware

• Stream from Phones, Tablets, Webcams,
and Physical Encoders

• Easy to Setup and Even Easier to Use


Unlock Valuable Classroom Time for Collaboration

Create a Centralized
Media Vault

Ownership of all uploaded content is maintained
by the school or school district.

Professional Development

Upload, Share and Track Professional Development Content.

Create Video Documents and Video Messages

Unleash student creativity and improve communication using multimedia projects.

Why Are Districts and Schools Around the World Choosing MyVRSpot?

Easily Showcase Video Content

Using MyVRSpot's Showcase Feature, schools and districts can easily add a video library to their existing website with just a few clicks.

Video Transcoding

MyVRSpot transcodes all video content to a format suitable for viewing on the internet. Videos play on internet connected desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices and tablets.

Embed Videos into Learning Management Systems

Allow teachers and administrators to embed video content into popular Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more.

Link to external videos

Link to external videos such as YouTube and Vimeo inside of the safe and secure MyVRSpot network.

Attach Standards to Video Content

MyVRSpot allows end users to tag their content with attributes, such as grade level, and align their content to sets of standards. MyVRSpot is preloaded with both the Common Core and NET standards.

Create Video Documents and Messages

Users can create video documents and video messages using content uploaded to the MyVRSpot system. These projects embed video into traditionally "flat" documents, can be shared with parents and others in the school via a public URL.