Administering Users

Depending on the access level of the administrator, a variety of functions on the MyVRSpot system can be performed. You can access these tools by clicking on the Administration link on the top menu from your Home page.

Included is the ability to Create Users (Teacher access level and above), Manage All Users, Create and Edit Media Tags, Assign Standards, Manage Your Video Showcase (if applicable) and Approve Pending Media.

Access Levels

Every account on the MyVRSpot system is designated with a specific access level, depending on how the account was created. These access levels impart certain restrictions or privileges to the account holder. MyVRSpot’s access levels are a hierarchy, so administrative users can edit settings of any user at levels below their own, as well as […]

How to Update an Account’s Access Level

You may want to change a User’s access level. These access levels impart certain restrictions or privileges to the account holder, which you can read more about and each access level description here. Only accounts with the access level of “School Administrator” or “District Administrator” can update an account’s access level of “Teacher”, “User Plus” or “Student”.* […]

Media Standards

We have added many standards, such as the Common Core, NETS, and Danielson Teaching Standards to the MyVRSpot system, giving Teachers the ability to align their uploaded content to any applicable standard. If you don’t see your standards, contact us at to get them on the list. Each User (Teacher and above) has a […]

Media Tags

Media Tags are a great way to find related content. There are a few ways to create a Media Tag and different tag-levels for different accounts and groups. Create a Tag To create a tag, go to Admin > Media Tags.  Click on the Create Media Tag button. Type in the name for the tag, […]

Creating a Secondary Password

If your password is being managed by another system, such as LDAP or via an SSO, you may want to establish a secondary password.  This is helpful in the event that the district’s server may be down and unable to authenticate your account when trying to login, or in cases where your password might be […]

How to Change the Look of the School Page Interface

If you want to customize the look of your school, such as changing the color scheme, follow the instructions below: From your homepage or gallery, click “Admin” in the top right section of your screen. Click “Manage Schools” and select which school you’d like to update by clicking the edit icon (pencil) to the far right […]

Manage Schools for Sharing

By default, each school is set up to only share its content amongst members of their own school. However, District Administrators can choose to have all of your schools share their media content, or they can limit the sharing to just specific schools. To update your school’s sharing settings, click on Administration > Manage Schools. Click […]

Pending Media

One of the key security features of MyVRSpot is that all media uploaded by Student users is controlled and monitored by a Teacher or Administrator before being made available for other Students to see. Users with a Teacher access level or higher have the ability to approve and monitor uploaded media for all Student users within […]

All Users

The All Users link under the Administration link, provides an alphabetical listing of all users within the school and/or school district. You can view the user’s media or update the user’s information, depending on your account level and the media’s permission level. Entering a name in the Display Name field at the top of the page […]

Create Users

Users with a Teacher access level and above can add new users, but are restricted to adding users with an access level equal to or below their own access level.  As an example, if a School Administrator was creating a new user, their options would be to either create a Student, User Plus, Teacher, or […]