External Integrations & LTI

Adding a Showcase to Canvas using LTI

Under the Courses section, go to Settings in the sidebar. Click on the Apps tab at the top and click on the + App button. Change the Configuration Type to By URL. Give your showcase a name and fill out the rest of the form with your Showcase LTI Information. This information is located on your […]

Adding a Showcase to Schoology using LTI

Go to your course in Schoology and make sure you are on the Materials page found on the sidebar. Click on the Add Materials drop down menu and select Add File/Link/External Tool. Choose External Tool. Keep the Tool Provider as Automatic, based on URL. Fill out the rest of the form with your Showcase LTI […]

How To Add Your Google Classroom to MyVRSpot

If you would like to be able to share your media with any of your Google Classrooms, follow these simple steps to link your Google Account to your MyVRSpot account. Log into your MyVRSpot using your account credentials. Click “My Account” on the User Settings Bar. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click […]

Setting up MyVRSpot LTI Integration in Schoology

The first step in getting this integration setup, is to add the MyVRSpot App in Schoology.  Note, this must be setup by a Schoology Admin within your district.  Login to your Schoology Admin account, and then follow these steps.  Click on the App Center icon (four squares on the top menu bar.)  On the App […]

Canvas Integration

If your district uses Canvas as their Learning Management System, then you’ll be glad to see that your Canvas users can easily add their media from their MyVRSpot account into a Canvas assignment. Below are the steps to set up the integration and how to create an assignment using media from a MyVRSpot account. District […]