Live Broadcasting with Third Party Applications

Streaming with a Physical Encoder

Most physical encoders will have a field or a place on the device to type in the RTMP address and Stream name.  Use the credentials provided in your MyVRSpot account to connect to MyVRSpot’s streaming servers. Check out this article and video to help you find your streaming credentials. If your account does not have permission […]

Live Broadcasting with Zoom

If you subscribe to Zoom Pro, Zoom Business, or Zoom Enterprise, you can now Live Broadcast your Zoom meetings through MyVRSpot. Admin Settings in Zoom Follow these steps to setup Live Broadcasting in Zoom Sign in to your Zoom web portal Click Account Management > Account Settings Under In Meeting (Advance), click the toggle next to […]

NewTek Tricaster Streaming Setup

The NewTek Tricaster has a lot of features, and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming at the start. This article will focus on getting the device ready to stream with a MyVRSpot streaming channel. The first step, is to log into your account to obtain the streaming RTMP address for the channel you want to […]

Wirecast Setup and Optimization

Wirecast is a Windows and Mac application that can send live broadcasts to MyVRSpot. The Wirecast software requires a lot of resources on a machine to be able to ingest input data from a camera or media source. The software has to transcode the final stream on the fly and send the data to our […]

Live Streaming Encoders

Click on the page links below depending on which encoder you use for streaming and for more advanced features specific to the encoder. Once you know which encoder you will be using,  go to the Live Streaming Basic Features page or Advances Features page. Also, check out Live Broadcasting Quality Tips And Tricks. OBS Using Webcams […]

Using Web Captioner with Live Streaming

Enable the Web Captioner To enable the Web Captioner, first, click the Streaming dropdown from the top menu and select My Streaming Channels. Next, click the Edit icon (pencil) to the far right of the channel you want to use the Web Captioner with. In the channel editor, scroll down to the Captioning section. Under […]