Media Player

Video Player Accessibility Hotkeys

While using the video player, you can control many aspects of it by using keys on your keyboard, or hotkeys.  Function  Key  Full Screen  F  Play/Pause  Space Bar  Adjust Volume  Up/Down Arrows  Moves Playhead 10 Seconds  Right/Left Arrows  Moves Playhead by Percentage  Number Keys

Sharing Media with the Share Bar

There are many ways to share media through MyVRSpot and all options can be found on what we call the Share Bar. The Share Bar is located underneath the media viewer. Note that the options on the share bar may be different for each media item and user depending on the sharing permissions available to […]

Notify Users & Messages

The Notify Users button notifies users that a media item is available for them to view. Additionally, when using the notify user option, you can enter a message to accompany the notification. Notify Users Button To use this feature, follow these steps: Step 1: Click the title of the media item that you want to […]

How To Use Tracking Analytics for Videos

To access your tracking analytics for a video, follow the steps below: Locate the video that you want to access the analytics for within your gallery and select the Tracking icon (bar graph) on the bottom of the video thumbnail.  By default, it will show you the last 14 days of data, but you can adjust the date […]

Video Bookmarks

Adding bookmarks to a video is similar to creating a table of contents. This is particularly helpful with longer videos, where you want to give the person viewing your video the opportunity to jump ahead to a specific section of the video. You can even add bookmarks to uploaded YouTube videos. Adding Video Bookmarks To […]

Media Player Page

Any user can preview content from their own media gallery or from returned search results. Below are descriptions of the media player page and what each icon can do. To access the player page, click on the media item from your gallery or from a returned search result. View, Listen, or Download If a user clicks the play […]