MyVRSpot Media Sharing - Groups

Learn how to share media within Groups within MyVRSpot

How to Create a Group Folder

Groups allow multiple users to share content ownership, so if someone leaves tomorrow, you can still have that document, curriculum plan, or video in place for others to continue using. To create a group folder, follow these steps: If you’ve not already created a group or if you’re not already an administrator of a group, […]

How to Add a Folder to a Group

Below are instructions on how to share a folder from your media gallery to a group, in which only you control the content within that folder. If you are interested in shared group folders where everyone can control, add and remove, and have ownership over shared content, please read this article on shared group folders and media. […]

How to Feature an Item in a Group

Featuring a folder or item in a group allows for quick access or signifies an item or folder’s importance. Note: Only users with administrative roles within the group can feature items and folders. To feature an item,  click on the Groups dropdown and select My Groups. Click on the name of the group or the the View Group […]

How to Add Media to a Group

There are three methods to add media to a group; choose the method that is best for your scenario. Please note that only approved user roles can add content to a group. For more information on how to change a group member’s role, visit our article here. Add Content That is Already in Your Account The first method […]

Searching for Groups

To find groups to join, click on the Groups dropdown and select Search Groups. This will display a list of all groups within your school or district.  To the right of a group, you can click the View icon (eye) to learn more about it. To join the group, click on the Join icon (plus sign). Once […]