Sharing Media Outside MyVRSpot

Learn how to share your media outside of your District.

Usage Reports

There will be times when usage reports are needed. They are super easy to run and will give a brief snapshot of usage within your organization. How to Access Usage Reports Admin -> Usage Reports District administrators can run a usage report for any school within their district School administrators can only run reports for […]

Adding a Video to a Google Classroom

Once you’ve established a connection with your Google Classroom by following the directions here, you can now easily add videos from your MyVRSpot account to your classroom. To do so, follow these steps: In your media gallery, click on the video you’d like to add to your classroom. Scroll down until you get to the […]

Embedding Videos into Google Slides

Google Slides only allows you to embed videos directly from YouTube or from your Google Drive account. Use the following steps for an easy work-around: Sign into your MyVRSpot account. Click on the video that you would like embedded into a Google Slides presentation. Down below the video player is the Share Bar. Click on the […]

Sharing Media with the Share Bar

There are many ways to share media through MyVRSpot and all options can be found on what we call the Share Bar. The Share Bar is located underneath the media viewer. Note that the options on the share bar may be different for each media item and user depending on the sharing permissions available to […]

Share a Video or Media Publicly with a Password

If you want to share a media file with the public but would like the viewer to input a password to view the video, then follow the steps below. Note: Viewers that are logged into their MyVRSpot account will be able to view the media item without a password if their account has the required viewing permissions. Step […]

QR Codes

QR codes provide a way for users to link directly to content online using a small scannable image. When you visit a grocery store, as an example, an item is scanned and the associated price is added to your total. Therefore, the barcode on the grocery item links the price and other information to the […]