Uploading Media

Uploading Media

Different Methods of Uploading Media Whether you are looking to upload a video, image, audio, or other digital file to your gallery, you will start by clicking the Upload icon. There are multiple methods to upload media and from different sources, which is described below. You have a few options on how to upload media into […]

How to Upload YouTube or Vimeo Videos

Follow the instructions below to upload either a YouTube or a Vimeo link into your MyVRSpot account. Step 1: Login to your MyVRSpot account. Step 2: Find either a YouTube or a Vimeo video. Step 3: Once you find the YouTube video you want to use, click on the Share button under the video player.  Copy […]

How to Directly Upload Content Into a Folder

To upload content directly into a folder, follow these steps: Select the folder that you want to directly upload content into. Click the “Upload to Folder” button.   3.  Find the file you want to upload, and use one of the following methods to upload it directly into your folder. Drag and drop: simply drag […]

Adding Media From Google Drive, or Media from Links

If you are looking to add media from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive follow these simple steps. Uploading Your Media:    Upload from Google Drive From your MyVRSpot account, click on Upload from the main menu. Click on Upload from Google Drive. Note that you must give permission for MyVRSpot to access your Google Drive […]

Image Editing

The Image Editing tool can be used to edit and enhance your images in your MyVRSpot account. To use this tool, simply click on the magic wand icon below an image in your gallery, or to the right of your image on the viewer page, and start editing! Below are explanations on how to use each […]

How To Feature or Favorite An Item

Favoriting an item in your Gallery allows for quick access. To favorite an item,  click on the title from the item’s preview tab, like “HTML and CSS Practice” shown in the image below. Clicking the title will take you to the item’s preview page. From here, click the “Add to Favorites” button on the bottom-left side of the preview. To access […]