Video Editor

Adding Audio Clips to Your Video Editor Project

Follow the instructions below to add audio clips to your video project in the editor: Navigate to the Video Editor by clicking on the Create dropdown on the top menu and select Video Editor. Open an existing project or start new by selecting the video clip(s) you’d like to use by dragging and dropping them […]

Trimming a Video

To remove part of the beginning, middle, or end of a video, follow these steps: Click and drag the video clip from the Media section, down into the timeline towards the bottom of the page.  The far left side of the timeline would be at zero seconds. Click the play button in the Video Preview […]

Combining Videos and Adding Transitions

To combine two or more videos together, follow these steps: Click and drag the first video from the Media section down into the timeline towards the bottom of the page.  Simply repeat that step with the next video you’d like to add but make sure you drag it before or after the first video already […]

Adding Text to an Existing Video

If you would like to type text on top of your entire video, or just a part of your video, you can accomplish this through the Video Editor. To launch the Video Editor, from the top menu click the Create dropdown and select Video Editor, and then follow these steps: Select the video from your Media […]

Using the Video Editor

MyVRSpot’s online Video Editor allows you to make edits to any of your uploaded or created videos.  This process will not delete your original video, but will create an edited copy of it with whatever changes you had made. Note: You can not edit videos from links put in your account, such as YouTube or […]