Video Response System

VRS Assignment Results and Grading

To review or grade completed and submitted assignments, navigate to VRS on your main menu and click My Created Assignments. Click on the Results icon (bar graph) towards the end of the row. You are now at the results page for that assignment. At the end of each row, there are 3 icons: Grade Assignment […]

Sharing VRS Assignments

URL Link: If you would like to share a VRS Assignment with a URL link, follow these simple steps: Click VRS on the top menu bar and select My Created Assignments. Click the Notify Users icon (the megaphone) to the right of your assignments. Highlight the link with the button provided, right click and press copy. […]

My Created Assignments

To access My Created Assignments, click on VRS on the top menu bar and select My Created Assignments. The My Created Assignments page displays a list of all assignments a user has created. Each assignment has a set of icons to the right of its title. Link Icon: Share the link to the assignment View […]

How to Create a VRS Assignment

With our Video Response System, you can create assignments made up of a series of prompts, to which your students can respond. Each prompt you create can have an associated media item for students to view.  Students can then respond in a variety of ways: text, video, audio, image, and more! Follow the steps below […]