The purpose of the MyVRSpot Windows Desktop App is to allow an end user to upload files to MyVRSpot directly from a folder on their hard drive. This makes uploading files to MyVRSpot as easy as dragging files to a local folder on your computer.

Setting up the Application

Before installing the app, we suggest that you create a folder, or locate a folder on your Windows computer, that you want to use for MyVRSpot. If you are creating a folder from scratch, you could create a folder with the name such as Video Uploads or MyVRSpot Uploads. Once the application is installed and running, all files in this folder will be sent directly to your account.

Please note: ALL files that are located in this folder will be uploaded to your MyVRSpot account. This includes videos, audio files, images, and all other digital files. The application also must be running in order for files to be sent to MyVRSpot.

Installing the Windows App

  1. Download the app for Windows.
  2. Once the app is installed, double-click to run the MyVRSpot Setup.exe file and when complete, launch the application.
  3. Once you open the application, you will see a username and password login screen. Type in the username and password for your MyVRSpot account.
    1. Please note: After typing in your username and password, it may prompt you to select your school district from a drop down list. There may be multiple users with the same username that reside at different school districts, therefore this step is necessary to make sure you are being logged into the correct account.
  4. If your account has been authenticated successfully, you will get to the next screen. On this screen, click on the Account tab, and click the Select Folder button. Navigate to the folder that you want to link to your MyVRSpot account, and then click Open.
  5. You can now close this window, but the application should continue to run in the background. If you need to access this box again, click the film strip from your Windows Application Tray.

Uploading Files

The system default is to check your designated folder every 10 minutes to see if there are any new files that need to be pushed to your online account.   You can change this setting by clicking the Settings button and then changing the 10 minutes to one of the other options.