To customize your streaming channels, such as the name of your streams, the thumbnail, permissions, or chat, follow the directions below:

  1. From your homepage or gallery, click “Streaming” > “My Streaming Channels” and click the pencil icon to the right of the channel you’re interested in updating.
  2. From here you can update and customize your Broadcasting Channel. After making any changes on this page, make sure to click “Update” at the bottom of the page.

Here are descriptions of all of the customizable fields of this page:

  • Active & Not Active. By default, your channels will be active, but you can deactivate your channels here.
  • Record Streams & Do Not Record. By default, your channels auto-record and save into the streamers’ account (determined by the RTMP address or mobile login).
  • Name & Channel ID. You can update the channel name and the channel ID. Remember that the Channel ID must be unique.
  • Description. You do not need to input a description. If you do, however, note that this will appear in the streaming player for all of your viewers to see.
  • Stream Thumbnail. Click “Choose File” and select between only  .png or .jpg file types.
  • Stream permissions (internal viewing). By default, your streaming permissions are set to Private. Read about the Permission levels here for more information.
  • Logged in Users Only. You can restrict your viewers to only those who are logged into their MyVRSpot account.
  • Chat. By default, the chat feature is turned off. The first option is Private Chat, so if anyone wants to chat, they first have to login to their MyVRSpot account. The next option is Public Chat, that means that anyone can chat in your stream that is viewing your page.
  • Captioning. Enable the Web Captioner for a 3rd-party application, Web Captioner, to live transcribe your streams.
  • Stream Recording Captioning. Use your closed captioning hours purchased by your district to automatically caption your live streams.
  • Showcase. Automatically have your live stream recordings added to your Video Showcase purchased by your district.
  • Security. Require a password to publicly view a live stream.

When you’re finished updating the fields, click the black “Update” button.

Note that the RTMP settings have been changed if you update any of the above information, so you’ll also have to change the RTMP address in your encoder. Also, if you’ve updated your Channel ID, make sure to update that in your encoder as well.