You may want to translate your Closed Caption files to different languages so that multiple languages are available on your district’s public videos. Follow the steps below to translate your captions into multiple languages.

  1. Before you begin, please let a  MyVRSpot staff member know which foreign languages you need.
  2. After you have followed these steps to adding English captions to your video, click on the video you want to translate and click “Edit Caption,” which is located underneath the video player page.

  3. After clicking “Edit Caption,” scroll down to the end of the page to the “Request Additional Captions” section. Select the languages and click the red “Request Captions” button. Click “Yes, I am sure!” to finalize this.

  4. The length of your video will determine when your translated captions will be available. As a general rule, if your video is 10 minutes or less, your captions will be available in around 5 minutes. If your video is longer than 10 minutes, the captions will be available in about half the length of time of your video.