To access your tracking analytics for a video, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your MyVRSpot account, locate a video that you want to access the analytics for, and then select the tracking icon on the bottom of the video tab. 
  2. Now, adjust the date range to what you’re interested in viewing and click “Apply.”
    1. “Views” means how many times the player page was loaded,
    2. “Plays” is how many time the video was actually played by someone
  3. Other interesting analytics include, what time the person started viewing the video, what time they exited, the amount of time on the page, the user, their name and building if they are in an authenticated user–“NA” will appear if they have not logged into their MyVRSpot system–and an IP address, and the city, the state, and an “X” means that the video was not played, a checkmark icon means that the user played the video.
  4. If the user played the video, click on the checkmark icon, and you can see how the user interacted with the video, such as pausing and skipping.