The Image Editing tool can be used to edit and enhance your images in your MyVRSpot account. To use this tool, simply click on the magic wand icon below an image in your gallery, or to the right of your image on the viewer page, and start editing. Below are explanations on how to use each element of the image editing tool:

Element Explanations

Open: This button allows you to either upload another image that will either replace the background image or add an image on top of the original image. You can adjust the layers and how overlay images interact with each other using the Object Layers button.

Save & Save and Close: Click either of these buttons to save your edits to your image. If you wish to cancel all changes, click on the title of the media item located above to the top-left hand corner of the screen, above the editing tools.

Undo/Redo: You can click the back arrow icon to undo any changes that you’ve applied to your image, or click the forward arrow icon to redo any changes you’ve applied to your image.

History: Click on this icon and you can view the history of all of the applied changes you’ve made to the image. 


Object Layers: You can drag and drop the objects within an image. This is important for determining which layer is on the top of the other objects. The first object in the list will appear in front of the other objects. If you click on an object and open the Object Layers button, the selected object will have a black outline around it in the Objects list.

Filter: Use the filters to apply color and effects to the background image. You can use the Merge button to apply filters to the image and all applied effects and objects.

Resize: You can adjust the size of your image by pixel size. Checkbox the Maintain Aspect Ratio or Use Percentages if that is helpful.

Crop: Resize your image to a different  Width and Height using the crop tool. Use the aspect ratios if those are fitting.

Transform: There are a few tools within the transform button in this order:

  • Rotate your image left or right
  • Flip the image either vertically or horizontally
  • Rotate your image and objects at a degree

The elements of Draw, Text, Shapes, and Stickers have some additional adjustments. They are described in the order of left to right:

  • Duplicate: Make a copy of the object
  • Flip: Flip the object
  • Bring to Front: This will bring the object in front of the other objects so it lays on top of the other objects
  • Trash: Delete the object
  • Customize: You can work with the following adjustments as described left to right. You can also access these adjustments by simply clicking on the object:
    • Color: Change the color of the object. Click on the color palette to select a different color, adjust the opacity, or even get an exact color using RGBA, HSLA, or Hex by clicking on the up/down arrows to the right.
    • Shadow: Click on this to adjust the Blur, Offset X, and Offset Y Blur shadow of your object.
    • Outline: Add an outline to your object. Adjust the color and the outline width.
    • Background: Add a background color to your object with this button.
    • Texture: Give your object a texture or even upload a texture.
    • Gradient: Add a gradient color to your object.
    • Opacity: Adjust the level of transparency of your object.

Draw: Freestyle draw using this tool. Choose your brush color, Brush Type, and Brush Size to fit the project.

Text: Add text to your image. First, click the + icon to add text, type in your text, and then you can adjust the color. Adjust the alignment, underline, strikethrough, italicize and font by clicking the Text Style button (after clicking Apply).

Shapes: You can add the following shapes as objects to your image: circle, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, arrows, line, star, polygon, and badge.

Stickers: There are a range of stickers that can be added as objects to your image: Emoticons, doodles, landmarks, stars, clouds, bubbles, transportation, and beach. Use the scrollbar beneath the preview of the stickers to view more stickers.

Frame: You can add a frame to your image. Click the gear icon to adjust the size of the frame.

Corners: Adjust and crop the corners of your image by adjusting the the radius size of the corners button.

Background: Change the canvas color of your background using this button.

Merge: This button combines all of the objects applied to the background image so they’re all one image.