The MediaSpot tool has two custom build fields, which allow you to add an unlimited number of media items to a project, without having to keep adding new columns: the Gallery and Playlist field.

Gallery Field

A project that is created using the Gallery field, will display all of your items with thumbnails.  The person viewing your project can click on any of the thumbnail items, which will then view or play in a larger player window.  When the close that window, they are taken back to the display of thumbnails.

Playlist Field

A project that is created using the Playlist field, will display one large player, with a list of additional items down the right hand side.  ALL of the items in a Playlist project will play automatically, one right after another.

As with other MediaSpot projects, you can create various text fields to accompany your media, though for both the Gallery and Playlist fields, they need to be placed in a 1-column field.  Once you have a new 1-column field in your project, click and drag either the Gallery or Playlist icon into that field.

To add media to either of these formats, click the green + (plus) symbol.  This will display all available items for this project format.  Click to select all of the items you want to include in this project, and then click the Add to Gallery or Add to Playlist button.

For Gallery projects, you can include videos, images, audio files, and even documents.

For Playlist projects, you can include videos and audio files.