The My Account icon, , at the top of the page and to the left of the Search All Media field, will display user information for the system. Below are descriptions of the different sections of this page.

My Media Breakdown: The donut graphic on the left breaks down the type of files in your account.  You can hover over the parts of the chart to get the exact number of each type of media.  These values reflect the number of items in your personal account, and excludes files in the deleted folder.

My Media Breakdown and Media Statistics
Media Statistics: This section displays the number of total files, storage used, total logins, and the user’s last login date.

Update My Account: Users can change their account under this section.

  • Change Password: Type in the new password in the Password field, retype it in the Password Repeat field, and then move to the bottom of the screen and click the Update button. Or, if you are not permitted to do this, click the password reset link “click here,” which is to the right of the User Name section. Note: If a district has done a LDAP or SAML integration with MyVRSpot, allowing users to log into their MyVRSpot account using the same user name and password that is used to log into the district’s computer network, then users will not have access to change their password within the MyVRSpot system.
  • Update Name and Email: Users can update their name and email and display name in the respective fields.
  • Add a Profile Image: Click on the My Account icon, and then click the Choose File link under the image placeholder. Navigate to the image to use for the profile and then click the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

Add a Profile Image

User Preferences: Users can change how their media is sorted under this section. They can choose to sort between by title, alphabetical, upload date, or most viewed.

Sort List

Linked Accounts: This displays which accounts have been linked to the user’s account. Google Drive is an one example of an account that is linked to a user’s account.