Clicking on the My Groups link from the User Menu will display a list of all Groups the user belongs to.

The MyVRSpot Group Pages serve as a smaller learning community, a centralized location where like users can share digital content in a controlled environment. Teachers will often create Groups for each class period or for an extra-curriculum team or activity. Only users that belong to the Group can view, or add files for viewing, by other members of the Group.

Only Teachers and Administrators can create Groups, approve pending requests to join the Group, and approve content uploaded to the Group.

Join a Group: Each user can easily see what Groups are created within their School or District, and can either join the Group, or request to join the Group. From the Groups menu at the top of the screen, click the Search Groups link.  Once you find the Group you want to join, click the plus sign in the Action column to the far right of the Group name.

Open To All: For Groups that do not need an approval to join, the Group’s Activity page will automatically load. This page details the Group Information, the username of each Group Member, all Media and Files uploaded and shared within the Group, and any Group Discussion posts.

Approval To Join: For Groups that require an approval from the Group owner to join, a message will appear stating “Thank you…the Group owner must approve your request.”