If you want to stream using a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop, we recommend the use of OBS Studio.  This is free software and can be downloaded here:  https://obsproject.com/. Hotkeys are an OBS tool that is useful for basic video live production, such as transitions or cuts. Hotkeys work by the user presetting keys that can perform an immediate action (rather than clicking through the actions) in OBS. To use hotkeys for your live streaming production, follow these steps:

Step 1: In OBS, select the Settings tab in the bottom right of the screen. Under Setting, now click the Hotkeys tab on the left menu. This will display the different hotkey options.

Step 2: Now, in one of the hotkey fields, type the character you would like to use as the hotkey function (like a number or character). And you’re done!


Note: A smart practice to follow with hotkeys is to make sure that when using a key for a specific task it should be a key you rarely use. The hotkeys are always running in the background and will always work in any program.