If you would like to create a screen recording of a specific tab in your Chrome browser, follow these simple steps.

To access the Recorder tool, first click on the Recorder link in the Main Menu Bar.

Next, once the Recorder tool is open, select “Record Screen” and then select “Chrome Tab” .  This will display a list of all of the tabs you currently have open in your Chrome browser.  Click to select the tab that you wish to record.

  • Once you select the tab you wish to record, that tab will appear on your screen.
  • Click back on the MyVRSpot Live Record tab. Now you should see the tab you want to record, appear within the Recorder window.
  • Click the red Record button to start recording.  As soon as you start recording, click back on the Chrome tab you wish to record.  This recording will include all mouse movements, as well as audio received from your microphone.  (Note: when prompted, you must provide MyVRSpot access to your computer microphone.)


Due to a recent Security change in Chrome you must select the tab you wish to record from rather quickly, we suggest having multiple tabs open during this as to make switching as quick as possible, all you have to do is scroll or show activity on the tab to show active movement for the recording to begin. If you do not a “Waiting for Data” message will appear, and recording will end.

Once you are done with your recording, click back on the MyVRSpot Live Recording tab, and then press the red Stop button.

At this point you can either Preview your recording, Delete and Re-record, or Publish to Your Account.  (Note:  Your recorded video will NOT appear in your account with pressing the Publish to My Account button.)