Release Notes 23.10.02

Image Collections: School and District Admins now have the ability to add collections of royalty free images to be available to their district or to individual schools. New menu item found under Media Tools is the Media Library which contains all image collections available to users after being added by an admin. Current collections include [...]

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Release Notes 23.8.18

App Enhancements: SSO Integration: Users can now sign in through Single Sign-On (SSO) options. Remote Control of SmartSigns: Sign administrators can now control their signs from within the MyVRSpot app. SmartSigns Enhancements: Premade Templates: SmartSigns offer premade templates for use with Chrome extension signs, with more templates in the pipeline. Feed Scheduling: SmartSigns gain [...]

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Release Notes 22.12.26

Added the ability to pause while using the Video Recorder, Screen Recorder, and Audio Recorder tools. Changing the camera source for the webcam overlay in the Screen Recorder is now possible. Folders within your Media Gallery and Group Folders can now have a description added to them. Showcases have a slightly new look and will [...]

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Release Notes 22.8.2

Added Media Notes, a new functionality to record and share notes. Added Media Badges, a new functionality to assign badges manually to a user or automatically via viewing assigned media. Switched to a new user guide layout and configuration. Adjusted some menu options within MyVRSpot which includes moving the Admin menu to the top [...]

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Release Notes 22.1.10

Changed navigational breadcrumbs in groups to be more consistent Changed behavior of zoom function within Create Image tool when changing size of browser window Added functionality to view usage reports for videos in groups and showcases Added ability to select MediaSpot projects as a response to VRS prompts Added MyVRSpot Assignments app in Canvas [...]

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Release Notes 21.8.16

1. Added functionality for District Admins to setup/manage Google Provisioning without assistance from our Staff2. Standardized formatting on sorting buttons on various screens including the Gallery view3. Added LTI settings and integration for Showcases4. Design changes for video editor5. Live Streamers can now add an API key to use for streaming instead of their password [...]

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Release Notes 21.5.15

1. Improvement/Bug Fixes for the Image Editor (fixed brush types that were not functioning on some browsers) 2. Text changes on the streaming information page 3. New find username link on the ADE Sandbox login page 4. Updated tooltip text on multiple pages 5. Gallery Sort Buttons now have matching colors 6. Aprove media buttons [...]

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Release Notes 21.4.24

1. Changes to the location of the resolution toggle for videos 2. Updates to Video Hotkeys - Space bar toggles play/pause. - Right and Left Arrow keys seek the video forwards and back 5 seconds at a time - Up and Down Arrow keys increase and decrease the volume. - M key toggles mute/unmute. - [...]

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Release Notes 21.4.17

1. Resolved and issue related to replacing a thumbnail with an existing image 2. Fixed an issue where breadcrumb folders were defaulting to list view 3. Fixed an issue related to MediaSpot template sharing (sorting options) 4. Minor layout changes in Mediaspot 5. New options on the Project Custom Style in Mediaspot 6. New options [...]

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Release Notes 21.4.10

1. Digital Sandbox reset password link should now go to the correct place. 2. Home button removed when you are on the home page 3. Issue resolved when you cancel uploading an image in Mediaspot 4. Resolved an issue related to updating a thumbnail for an existing MediaSpot project 5. System wide, and labels that [...]

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