Release Notes 3.8.23

-> Fixed an issue with Google Drive Upload integration -> Clicking on a Media Standard from a Media/View page now returns any media associated with that standard in your library -> Fixed an issue when creating a school and checkboxing other schools to share content with -> New button to view project in a blank [...]

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Release 3.8.15

-> Fixed a permission issue with the permission of School Admin and Above -> Permission check optimization

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Release 3.6.12

-> New Larger Video Player on the Media View Page: WARNING: objects may appear much larger in this screen than in previous versions.  Objects viewed via a car mirror via MyVRSpot appear even larger than you would think possible. -> New Media Player Page Layout -> Better Icons signifying YouTube/Vimeo linked videos

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Release 3.6.1

-> Changed embed/sharing permissions for User Plus to mirror the permissions for students in a school -> Optimizations for listing users for a State Admin and Super Admin -> New consolidated login page for the ADE Sandbox -> State LDAP Support for the ADE Sandbox -> Updated Student/User Plus Success message when saving a mediaspot [...]

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Release 3.5.15

-> Fixed issue where some users could not create a MediaSpot project from a Template -> Added breadcrumbs to folders in gallery view. -> Added breadcrumbs to groups. -> Consulted with cookie monster due to the excessive amount of work done on breadcrumbs, which will now be referred to as cookiecrumbs for the remainder of [...]

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Release 3.5.10

-> Fixed issues with some users being able to remove global Mediaspot Templates from their district. -> Added a Warning message that appears above the folder sharing checkbox on the edit/create folder page. -> Added then removed random animated gifs of Dwayne Johnson as our profile pic in MyVRSpot after hearing his aspirations of running [...]

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