Account Provisioning

Creating Google Domain Provisioning Jobs

Note: This article should be referenced only after the district’s Google Admin has completed both steps from the Google Provisioning article found here. When logged into your MyVRSpot District Admin account: Go to Admin > Google Provisioning Click Create Google Provisioning Job Select the School, Corresponding Organization Path, and Usertype from the drop-down menus: The School […]

Account Provisioning

MyVRSpot provides a variety of integrations to aid in the creation and maintenance of user accounts. This page will provide a brief overview of these options. Preface: Account Provisioning vs. Authentication It is important to note the distinction between account authentication and account provisioning. Account authentication is the mechanism by which users are let in […]

Google Domain Provisioning

Syncing accounts from Google is a two-step process. Step 1 grants our application access in the Google Developer Console. Step 2 creates a token that allows us to fetch user data from Google and requires authorization from a Google Admin’s account. Note: You must be a Google Administrator and you must use your Google Administrator […]