Creating and Managing Groups

How to Change User Roles in Groups

User Roles in Groups determine what actions or the access level of each user in a Group. Access levels range from read only to an administrator role. Group Administrators and creators of a Group can update the roles for the members in the Group. Follow these instructions below to update a User’s Role in a Group. Update a User Role […]

How to Change Public and Private Groups

To change a Public or Private Group to the other form, follow these steps. Remember, only Group Administrators can make this change. Click Groups -> My Groups. Then, click the pencil icon to the right of the Group name that you want to update. Go under the “Group Settings” section and then change it to either […]

How to Approve Pending Members for a Private Group

To approve or reject pending membership request for a Private Group, follow the steps below. Remember, only Group Administrators can approve or reject pending request. For more information on how to change a user’s roll from their current role to an administrative role, please watch the video called How to Update a User’s Role in […]

How to Add and Remove Users from a Group

Follow these instructions to add and remove users from a Group. Please note these two things: any users within your district can search and join a Public Group, and only users with the role of Administrator can add or remove users to a Group. From the Group you want to add users to (get to […]

Create Groups

Group Pages are “smaller learning communities” within MyVRSpot, and serve as a centralized location where Group members can upload and share media and digital files that are specific to a certain subject, class period, or extra-curricular Group. Although all users can invite other members to join the Group, only users with an access level of […]

My Groups

Clicking on the My Groups link from the User Menu will display a list of all Groups the user belongs to. The MyVRSpot Group Pages serve as a smaller learning community, a centralized location where like users can share digital content in a controlled environment. Teachers will often create Groups for each class period or […]