Editing Media Attributes

Setting the Start and End Time of a Video

If you don’t want viewers to see your entire video, we have a tool to help trim the start and end time of your video. This tool is great for those times when you might want to cut just the first few seconds or last few seconds of a video, or maybe you only want […]

Changing a Thumbnail

When a video is uploaded into the system,  MyVRSpot automatically assigns a thumbnail.  This thumbnail is the 60th frame of the video – at the 2 second mark. If a thumbnail needs to be changed for a video, click the Choose File button in the Thumbnail section on the Edit Attributes page.  Navigate to the […]

Media Tags

Media Tags are a great way to find related content. There are a few ways to create a Media Tag and different tag-levels for different accounts and groups. Create a Tag To create a tag, go to Admin > Media Tags.  Click on the Create Media Tag button. Type in the name for the tag, […]

Media Permission

Media Permissions allow you to control who is able to see the file (video, image, etc.) that has been uploaded. To change the media permissions for a certain file, follow these steps: First, click the edit icon (pencil) on the media item you want to update. Scroll down to the Media Permissions section, and select the […]

Max Viewers

There are several third-party vendors that license media content to schools districts, and often this media has specific restrictions based on the number of people that can view the media at any one time.  This feature can be considered like a “check out” system, as it restricts how many users can click to access the […]