Live Broadcasting Overview

MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting solution gives Users the ability to stream their live events to their own streaming channel. Broadcasts can be initiated from webcams, USB connected devices, media encoders, as well as from iOS and Android mobile devices.

To get started with Live Broadcasting, follow this link:

Live Broadcasting

MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting is a streaming solution that is a completely web-based solution, which provides an environment where the user can generate a stream (broadcast) from most any video device, including webcams, USB connected cameras, and even iOS and Android smartphones. The broadcasting solution is another add-on application with a separate pricing structure, that runs within, and […]

Live Streaming Basic Features

After you’ve set up your streaming encoder so you have the most fundamental connections required for streaming, you can now adjust the settings, share your streaming player page, among other streaming basics. If you want more features or to customize your channel, check out the Advanced Features page. Follow the links below for more information on […]

Live Streaming Advanced Features & Customization

Now that you have an encoder and understand the basic features of streaming, you can utilize the advanced features and customize your streaming channels. How To Customize Streaming Channel Information – Update the information on your streaming channel such as the permissions level, description, or thumbnail. How To Change Streaming Channels To “Do Not Record” – […]

Where Do Your Streams Save?

Your live streams will autosave into your homepage gallery if you’ve done two things: You correctly input your RTMP address into your encoder and Your streams are set to auto-save to your account. If your live streams are not auto-saving into your account like you anticipated, follow the following instructions to check your RTMP address […]

How to Find Recordings of Live Streams

If you can’t find a live stream recording in your account, check out the article “Where Do Your Streams Save?” Below are instructions on where you can find your saved live streams in your account or your district’s repository. There are two ways to search and find your live streams. From your homepage or gallery, click Admin in […]

How to Automatically Add Closed Captioning to Live Stream Recordings

Users with administrative roles can toggle on and off the functionality to automatically add closed captioning to your live stream recordings. Follow these steps to automatically add closed captioning to your live stream recordings: Click the Streaming dropdown and select My Streaming Channels and click the Edit icon (pencil) to the right of the streaming channel. Scroll down […]

How to Find Your Streaming Credentials

To find your streaming credentials that you put into your media encoder, such as OBS, follow the instructions below: From your homepage or gallery, click Streaming > My Streaming Channels and then click the view icon to the right of the channel. This is where you’ll find your RTMP address and also your Channel ID, which you […]

How to Customize Streaming Channel Information

To customize your streaming channels, such as the name of your streams, the thumbnail, permissions, or chat, follow the directions below: From the top menu, select the Streaming dropdown and click on My Streaming Channels. Click the pencil icon to the right of the channel you’re wanting to update. From here you can update and customize […]

Live Broadcasting Chat Feature

If you are interested in giving your audience the opportunity to “participate” during your live broadcast, you can use the live broadcasting chat feature.  To enable the chat feature in one of your existing channels, follow these steps: From the top menu, click the Streaming dropdown and select My Streaming Channels. Then click on the Update icon (pencil) […]