Media Showcase

With MyVRSpot’s Showcase feature, a district, school, or teacher can “showcase” an unlimited amount of media on their website, Learning Management System, or other digital platform for public viewing. From school board meetings and athletic events, to sharing of school tours, exemplary student projects, or instructional videos, sharing content is just a click away.

Adding a Showcase to a Google Classroom

Log into your Google Classroom and click on Classwork at the top of the page. Click on the + Create button and select Material. Enter a title and an optional description. Click on the link icon in the middle of the bottom row of icons and paste in your Showcase url. Click on Post in […]

How to Create a Showcase

There are 3 types of Showcases: district, school, and classroom. If you are a District Administrator, then you have the ability to create all three. If you are a School Administrator, then you can create school and classroom Showcases. If you are a Teacher, you can create a classroom Showcase. To create a Showcase, follow these […]

How to Share a Showcase

There are multiple ways to share a Showcase: using a QR code or a URL link, embedding into a webpage, or displaying underneath a Live Broadcasting player page. Read below for instructions for each method of sharing. URL Link, Embed Code, or QR Code Step 1: From the top menu, click the Admin dropdown and […]

How to Display a Showcase on a Streaming Player Page

Users with administrative roles can toggle on and off the functionality to automatically display Media Showcases on a live streaming player page. To do this, however, an administrator must first automatically add live stream recordings to a Media Showcase. Note: If you want both your streaming player page and showcase embedded into your website, do that separately for each solution rather than […]

How to Automatically Add Live Stream Recordings to a Media Showcase

Users with administrative roles can toggle on and off the functionality to automatically add live stream recordings to a Media Showcase. To do so, follow these steps: Click the Streaming dropdown and select My Streaming Channels. Click the Update icon (pencil) to the right of the channel you want to add this feature to. Scroll down to the Showcase section and […]

Adding and Removing Showcase Categories

Use Showcase categories to organize content and to allow viewers greater ease in navigating to certain videos. Add Showcase Categories To add categories, click on Admin from the top menu, and then select Manage Showcases.  Click the Manage Showcase Categories button, and then click the Create Showcase Category button. Since you can have multiple Showcases, […]

Viewing your Media Showcase

Once you have inserted the showcase embed code into your Learning Management System or webpage, it is ready to view. Visitors to your site will see all the media thumbnails, as this is the default setting. Your visitors can then click on any category, which will then display only the thumbnails of that subset of […]

Manually Adding and Removing Media from your Showcase

Any digital media in your MyVRSpot account can be added to and removed from your Showcase page from your gallery, one of your folders, or from another user’s gallery through a search result display. Note: District Administrators can add/remove media from district and school Showcases, while School Administrators can add/remove media from a school Showcase. […]