MediaSpot is a template-driven system that allows you to drag-and-drop various media fields to create your own custom HTML Project.

You can easily create interactive projects to include videos, audio files, images, documents and text fields, and then share your project with others via a URL link. This is a great way to easily share videos without putting them on a public website.

MediaSpot Tips and Tricks

The MyVRSpot Customer Support team has put together our top tips and tricks to make a MediaSpot project shine! Please reach out to Support if you need additional help. Spacing One of the key things to keep in mind while creating a MediaSpot project is spacing. One way to create space between two elements is […]

Adding CSS to a MediaSpot Project

You may have noticed the yellow cog wheel icon while working on a MediaSpot project—that’s for CSS! CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a type of coding language that is primarily used for changing the layout and look of websites. It’s not necessary to utilize CSS when creating your MediaSpot project, but if you’d like […]

How to Use a MediaSpot Template

Users can create a MediaSpot project either from a pre-created template, a blank template, or from your own MediaSpot template. To use one of the pre-created templates, follow the instructions below. Use a Pre-created MediaSpot Template Step 1: Login to your MyVRSpot account and click MediaSpot on your top menu bar. Step 2: Choose between […]

Using the MediaSpot’s Blank Template

To use the MediaSpot feature to start creating your multimedia projects from scratch, you’ll want to use the MediaSpot template called Blank Template. How to Create a New Project Click on Create from the top menu and select Create MediaSpot Project. Next, click on the New Project icon (magic wand) on the Blank Template thumbnail. Once […]

How to Add Documents to a MediaSpot Project

To attach a document to your MediaSpot project, follow the steps below. You can also edit the document’s download button to make it more clear as to what is attached and provide instructions for the viewers. Open up a blank template by clicking the “New Project” icon (wand). By default, one-column will be in your […]

How to Create Your Own MediaSpot Template and Share it with Schools

District and School Administrator accounts have the ability to make one of their MediaSpot projects a template, which they can share with their school(s) so other users can use the templates. Check out the following steps to learn how. Create Your Own MediaSpot Template Step 1: Login to your MyVRSpot account and create a MediaSpot project. […]

MediaSpot Gallery and Playlist Options

The MediaSpot tool has two custom built elements which allow you to add an unlimited number of media items to a project without having to keep adding new columns: the Gallery and Playlist fields. To use a Gallery or Playlist element, drag and drop the elements into a column. Follow the instructions below to add […]

Editing an Existing MediaSpot Project

It’s quite easy to edit an existing MediaSpot project that you have previously saved. Locate your project in your media gallery and click on the Edit Project icon (magic wand) for the project you want to edit.  This will display your project just the way it was left when you last saved it. Editing Your […]

Your MediaSpot Project

All saved MediaSpot projects will appear in your media gallery (home page) and will display several icons under the project thumbnail. Edit Attributes (pencil icon):  The top of the page has the Project URL for viewing or sharing. The Edit Attributes page also allows you to change the name of the project, upload a thumbnail, add […]