Sharing Media Inside MyVRSpot

Learn how to share media only within your district through MyVRSpot

Usage Reports

There will be times when usage reports are needed. They are super easy to run and will give a brief snapshot of usage within your organization. How to Access Usage Reports Admin -> Usage Reports District administrators can run a usage report for any school within their district School administrators can only run reports for […]

Sharing Media with the Share Bar

There are many ways to share media through MyVRSpot and all options can be found on what we call the Share Bar. The Share Bar is located underneath the media viewer. Note that the options on the share bar may be different for each media item and user depending on the sharing permissions available to […]

Notify Users & Messages

The Notify Users button notifies users that a media item is available for them to view. Additionally, when using the notify user option, you can enter a message to accompany the notification. Notify Users Button To use this feature, follow these steps: Step 1: Click the title of the media item that you want to […]

How to Share Media With Others in Your School District

Use the Internal Share URL to share a media item to only people with a MyVRSpot login in your school district. For example, if you want to share a media item to teachers or students in your district, you can use the Internal Sharing URL for your media item. When you share the Internal Sharing URL, it requires the person who clicks on the […]


Did you know you can receive email notifications or notifications within the MyVRSpot platform? Control your notifications for Notify Users messages, groups, and more, within the portal and by email, by following the following steps. Notifications allow users will be notified of certain events that have taken place within the system.  Typical notifications include: A new […]

Sharing Folders

Teachers, students, and staff can easily share a multitude of videos, images, and even digital files, with a single URL link by making a folder sharable. You can even add a password to the shared folder to provide extra security. Whether building evidence portfolios or creating capstone projects to highlighting a student’s best work, all […]