SmartSigns - Digital Signage

Running a SmartSign through Chrome

If you would like to launch at SmartSign from the Chrome browser using an extension, follow the steps below. Make sure you have the latest version of the MyVRSpot Digital Sign extension for Chrome. If you need to download it, click here. Navigate to your SmartSign within MyVRSpot. To do so, click on the Admin dropdown […]

How to Access SmartSigns

To access your SmartSign, click the Admin dropdown on the top menu and select Manage Signs. Click the View icon (eyeball) to the right of the sign to access it. If you need to change the name or description, click the Update icon (pencil). The Users icon (person) allows you to add more administrators for the sign. […]

How to Add MyVRSpot Streaming Channels to a SmartSign

To add a MyVRSpot Live Broadcasting Channel to your SmartSign, follow these steps: Click the Admin dropdown on the top menu and select Manage Signs. Click the View icon (eye) for the sign you want to add a channel to. Scroll down to the Sign Streaming Channels section and click the Add Channels button. Pick the channels from the list that […]

Simple Steps for Installation of the Raspberry Pi

Installing your Raspberry Pi for your SmartSigns digital signage solution can be done in a few minutes. Gather your equipment and then follow the instructions below. Equipment To setup your SmartSign, you will need the following equipment, which may be different depending on the kind of Raspberry Pi unit you have. Generally, you will need […]

How To Create and Manage SmartSign Modes

To create and manage SmartSign modes, follow the instructions below. See the end of the article for instructions on how to change your SmartSign modes from a mobile device using the MyVRSpot app.   Create a SmartSign Mode Click the Admin dropdown on the top menu and select Manage Signs. Click the View icon (eye) for the […]

How to Format Your Memory Card for SmartSigns

Formatting Your Memory Card for MyVRSpot’s Digital Sign Solution Step 1: Cloning the Pi Memory Card to Install the Operating System There is a two-step process to create a memory card to run MyVRSpot’s digital sign solution. The first step includes formatting the memory card with an .IMG file provided by MyVRSpot, and the second […]

How to Add, Manage, Schedule, and Remove Media from a SmartSign

To add, manage, schedule, and remove media from your SmartSign, follow the instructions below. Add Media to a SmartSign To add media to a sign: Click the Admin dropdown in the top menu and select Manage Signs. Click the View icon (eye) for the sign you want to update, Scroll down to the Sign Media – Name […]

How to Add and Remove Users from a SmartSign

Users must be added to a sign to be able to access and edit the sign. Add Sign Users To add users to a sign, click the Admin button in the top menu and select Manage Signs. Click the Users icon (person) to the far right of the sign you want to add users to. Now, either click […]