Give Permission to Copy Your SmartSpot Quiz

Often teams of educators work together in creating content to share with students, or one teacher might happen to find your Quiz and want to be able to use it with their students.  If you have created a SmartSpot Quiz and would like to allow other Teachers and Admins the ability to Duplicate your quiz […]

How to Duplicate a SmartSpot Quiz Created by Another Teacher or Admin

If a colleague of yours has created a  SmartSpot Quiz that you would like to share and administer with your students, follow these steps to Duplicate that Quiz and Media item. Before you can Duplicate this Quiz, the person that created the SmartSpot quiz must allow permission for others to duplicate what they created.  Click […]

How to Share a SmartSpot Quiz To a Group

If you are wanting to share your SmartSpot quiz to a Group, there are two ways to do this. The first option is to share the Quiz as part of the Quiz Creation process.  After creating your quiz, you will have the option to: Copy the URL link for the Quiz Select specific users to […]

How to Create a SmartSpot Quiz

With SmartSpot, you can create quizzes in four different question formats, and actually insert those questions within your videos! Follow the steps below to learn how. Step 1: Login to your MyVRSpot account and click SmartSpot > Create Quiz. Step 2:  Select the video that the quiz questions will be attached to by typing the title of […]

My Quizzes

This section describes My Quizzes. To access My Quizzes from your gallery, click SmartSpot > My Created Quizzes. The Quizzes page displays a list of all quizzes a user has created. Notice the set of icons on the right hand side of the page.   The Share Icon – Share the link The View icon […]

Sharing a SmartSpot Quiz to Google Classroom

To share a SmartSpot quiz to Google Classroom, follow these steps: On the top menu bar, click SmartSpot > My Quizzes. Click the notify users (speakerphone) icon to the right of the quiz that you want to send to Google Classroom. Under the “Quiz Created!” notification, there will be the Google Classroom button. Click this […]

Sharing a SmartSpot Quiz with a URL Link

If you would like to share a SmartSpot Quiz with a URL link, follow these simple steps: Click SmartSpot on the Main Menu Bar > My Quizzes Click the “Link” icon (the chain) to the right of your quizzes this will display a URL link to your quiz. Highlight the link with the button provided, […]

SmartSpot Quiz Results and How to Export Grades

After you create your SmartSpot quiz and send it to your students or staff, you’ll want to see the results. Follow the steps below to find the results, add custom grades, see individual results, and export the quiz results. View Your Quizzes and Quiz Results To view your completed quizzes, go to: Smart Spot > My […]