While you are logged into your MyVRSpot account, you can easily access the Binumi system.

Clicking on the Binumi menu item at the top of your screen, you can choose to jump to four or five different areas of Binumi, depending on your MyVRSpot access level.  Your options are:

  • New Story – click this link if you are going to Binumi for the first time, or if you are wanting to create a brand new digital project.
  • My Videos – click this link to be taking to the section in Binumi where you will find your projects that were previously created and rendered as a video. .
  • My Storyboards – click this link to be taken to all of you existing Storyboard.  If you started a new project (storyboard) and want to go back to edit or complete it, click this option.
  • My Uploads – click this link to be taken to the library of media files that you previously uploaded to your Binumi account.
  • VPT – this link is only available to Teachers, and will take you to the Video Project Template section in Binumi.  This feature is used to create a custom lesson plan for your students, that is then shared with the class.