Binumi is a digital story creation platform. Users can create and edit amazing HD videos using a combination of their own content and more than four million royalty-free multimedia clips.

Follow the instructions below for the advanced creating and editing tools in Binumi or go to this page for the basic Binumi creating and editing tools.

Overlays & Effects

Click the “edit clip” icon to add overlays and effects to a video clip. The overlays icon (box) is to the right of the Text icon.

Overlays. Choose to add an overlay with the options between adding a logo or other uploaded media, white blocks, black blocks adjusted for the strength and looped as well. Click the dropdown arrow to shift between the overlay options.

Colors. Choose to add a color theme between the options of different filters, black, white and other colors adjusted for the strength and looped as well. Click the dropdown arrow to shift between the color options.

 Filters. Boost your video project by using the different color of motion filter options.

Transitions. Transition to the next video clips by adding a transition to your video clip.


Voiceovers. Add a voiceover by clicking the mic icon on the left-side of a clip. If the voiceover is longer than the video clip, it will continue playing into the next clip.

Add audio to only one video clip. Click the voiceover button, to add audio to only one video clip. Instead of recording dialog, select an audio clip from the My Uploads storage.  See screenshot below:

Trim audio with scissor toolIf the audio clip is longer than the video clip it will continue playing into the next.  You can trim clips (video and audio) that are in your storage by clicking the scissors icon while hovering over the clip (see image below).


Click “edit clip” of a video clip to adjust the text like described below. After you’ve typed something in the text field, you can make advanced changes to the text.

Move between text. Edit between text fields by clicking the “< >” icon to the top-right of the fonts.

Add text to next clip or all clips. Click the next two icon and you can either add the same text to the next clip or all of the clips.

Remove all text. If you don’t want any text, click the remove text icon.

Add text. Add additional text fields by clicking the “add text” icon to the far right of the editing window.

Edit Clip

Click the edit icon on a clip to use these features:

Play. Click the play icon to preview the clip.

Volume. Control the volume level of a video clip using this volume icon.

Snapshot. Take a snapshot, or an image, of the video clip by clicking the camera icon.

Duplicate. Make a copy of the video clip by clicking the duplicate icon.

Preview effects. Preview your clip effects by clicking the magic want icon.