Binumi is a digital story creation platform. Users can create and edit amazing HD videos using a combination of their own content and more than four million royalty-free multimedia clips.

Follow the instructions below for the basic creating and editing tools in Binumi. Follow these steps for more details on how to access the Binumi system.

Create a New Story

To create a new story, login to your MyVRSpot account and click Binumi on the menu and then New Story. Or click “My Storyboards” to edit a video you were previously working on.

Add Videos to Your Storyboard

Add videos to your storyboard through one of these methods:

Use a video from your MyVRSpot account. On the top-left of the menu bar, click the “my uploads” icon to find and insert a video from your MyVRSpot account.

Search for a video. Use the search icon underneath the menu bar to search for a video subject.

Filter and select a video. Use the filter icon to filter down your search results or to find a video clip (see the image below). The filters include demographics, shot type, main color, view, video mode, and time of day.

Record a webcam video. You can record a video using a webcam video by clicking the “my uploads” icon and then clicking the “webcam capture” button.

Title Card. Add a title card to your storyboard by clicking “title cards” on the top menu (shown in image below).

DeleteDelete a video by clicking the expand icon (…) and then click the trash icon (image below).

Clip Editing and Basic Effects

Watch this video to see how to create and edit clips in Binumi.

Video order. Drag and drop clips to the left and right of the other clips to adjust the order of videos in the storyboard.

Video length. Adjust the length of a video clip by clicking the “edit clip” icon in the center of the video clip and moving the hands underneath the video player to adjust the length and footage of the clip.


Text. Adjust your text by changing the justification, size, color, background color, drop shadow and border.

Text effects. Click the white “text effect” tab to add text effects.


Click on the music note on the top of the menu bar to add audio to your storyboard.

Upload audio. Under the “my uploads” icon, you can upload audio directly into your Binumi media.

Search for audio. After you click on the audio icon on the menu bar, use the search icon underneath the menu bar to search for an audio subject.

Filter and select audio. Use the filter icon to filter down your search results or to find an audio clip. The filters include mood, genre, and length (in seconds).

*All video clips are muted by default, so if you would like to the audio of a video or make sure to unmute the video and adjust the volume. The mute button is located at the bottom-center area of a video clip (see image below).

Preview & Save

Preview. Throughout creating your video, you may want to preview your work. You can do that by clicking the preview button to the bottom-right side of the page.

Title. Add a title to your story by clicking the top-right hand field with the text “unnamed story” to input your own title.

Save. If you click “Back to MyVRSpot” your video with auto-save in your “storyboard” section of Binumi.

Finish. Once you’re finished with your video, click “Finish” in the bottom-right side of the screen. You can either save it as SD or HD. It will take a few minutes to render and then a copy of the video will be saved in your MyVRSpot account.


Visit this page to learn more about Binumi’s advanced tools and features.