Follow these four simple steps to adding closed captioning to your videos.

Step 1: Log into your account

Step 2: Upload a video

Upload a video using the Upload link on the top menu. Please allow the video to fully upload before moving away from the page. You can also record a video directly from your device using the Create menu and using our Screen Recorder or Video Recorder tools.

Step 3: Request Caption

After returning to your media gallery, which you can get to by clicking on Home from the top menu, click on the name of the video you wish to caption. The internal player will appear. Underneath the player is the Request Caption button.

Request Caption Button Location

Step 4: Edit Caption

When the caption file has processed, the Request Caption button will be replaced with the Edit Caption button.

Optional Captioning

Below are some additional caption topics that you may find helpful.

Translated Captions

If you’d like to translate your captions to multiple languages, follow these simple steps to adding multiple languages.

Caption Replacements

You may create your own district-specific auto replacements. For example, you will find this tool helpful for people’s names who have unique spelling. Follow the steps on this page for instructions.

Manage Caption Hours

If you’re not sure how many captioning hours your district has used, you have the Manage Caption tool. Follow the steps described in this article for instructions.