Note: This article should be referenced only after the district’s Google Admin has completed both steps from the Google Provisioning article found here.

  1. When logged into your MyVRSpot District Admin account:
      1. Go to Admin > Google Provisioning
      2. Click Create Google Provisioning Job

  2. Select the School, Corresponding Organization Path, and Usertype from the drop-down menus:
    1. The School menu selects which School in the MyVRSpot system you want those users placed into
    2. The Organization Path selects where will we pull those users from within your Google Organization
    3. The Usertype selects which Access Level those users will have in MyVRSpot
  3. Once you have those menus filled out, click Create.
  4. Repeat this process for all the Organizational Units you want to provision accounts from.
  5. You can see your existing jobs by going to Admin > Google Provisioning.
  6. Once you have your provisioning jobs built, let MyVRSpot support know ( and we will run those jobs. Upon MyVRSpot running these jobs, the provisioning process will be complete.