If you can’t find a live stream recording in your account, check out the article “Where Do Your Streams Save?” Below are instructions on where you can find your saved live streams in your account or your district’s repository.

There are two ways to search and find your live streams.

  1. From your homepage or gallery, click Admin in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Under the dropdown, click All Media and this will display all of the media that your account level has access to view.
  3. By default, live streams save as “Live Stream – [DATE]” which you can type under the “Title” field to find all media that matches “Live Stream.” (If no videos return with this search, it might be because your account level is a teacher or lower, so please contact your District Administrator and they can find that video for you.)
  4. Alternatively, filter Media Type to “video” and scroll through those videos sorting by the other fields of “Title,” “User,” “Date Added,” and “Views.”