MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting is a streaming solution that is a completely web-based solution, which provides an environment where the user can generate a stream (broadcast) from most any video device, including webcams, USB connected cameras, and even iOS and Android smartphones.

The broadcasting solution is another add-on application with a separate pricing structure, that runs within, and integrates directly with, the MyVRSpot system. In addition to streaming of your event, all of your broadcasts are captured, then converted into an MP4 video file, and then placed into your MyVRSpot account.  From there, you can share the recorded stream (video) by using the embed code and placing it in a webpage,  add it in a Showcase page, or share it through the MediaSpot feature.

Live Streaming Workflow

The following chart outlines the workflow for the streaming solution.  When you start a stream, the camera connects directly to the MyVRSpot servers.  The servers then push this stream out to the end users that are wanting to watch the stream, or your live broadcast.

How to Live Stream

To live stream follow these steps:

  1. Before you live stream, you need the essential equipment. You can stream using a mobile device and MyVRSpot’s Broadcaster App or a computer with a camera and OBS streaming software.
  2. How you stream depends on which encoding device you will be using. Follow the next steps section below depending on the encoding device you use.

The Next Steps

Depending on where you are in the Live Streaming process, follow one of the sections below.

Live Streaming Encoders

This is a fundamental guide to streaming encoders. This guide covers the MyVRSpot Broadcaster Application for iOS and Android, and other basic guidelines for OBS or a physical encoder like the NewTek Tricaster.

Live Streaming Basic Features

This is your guide to getting started with the basic Live Streaming features including a review on how to stream, how to share your Streaming player page, and how to share your stream recordings.

Click the “Encoder” link if you need help with your encoders such as the MyVRSpot Broadcaster Application for iOS and Android, OBS, or a physical encoder like the NewTek Tricaster.

Live Streaming Advanced Features & Customization

This guide covers the advanced features of how to utilize the full features of your streaming channels and explains how to customize your streaming channels.