QR Codes provide a way for users to link directly to content online using a small scannable image. When you visit a grocery store as an example, an item is scanned and the associated price is added to your total. Therefore, the barcode on the grocery item links the price and other information to the cash register. A QR code provides a small image/barcode that is scannable by a smartphone or mobile device that acts the same way.

This image known as a QR Code links to a specific piece of content online. When you create a QR Code in MyVRSpot, you are creating an embed code barcode that can be scanned by mobile devices to access your content.

If you have the ability to view embed codes from within your account, then you should be able to create a QR Code for any of your media items or folders. Follow either of these simple steps to create a QR Code for your media:

From the External Share Bar

This method is the quickest way to create a QR Code:

  1. Click on the item you want to create a QR Code for.
  2. Underneath the media viewer is the External Share Bar.
  3. Click “QR Code” and “Generate QR Code.”

From the Edit Page

If you are editing the attributes of a media item, you can also create a QR Code. Follow these steps:

  • Click the Edit icon for any of your media files or folders.
  • Click the Generate QR Code button towards the bottom of the screen (see image below).
  • Click the Update button at the bottom of the page.
  • Now if you click the Embed icon for that media item or folder, you will now see a QR code for your video (see image below).