There are many ways to share media through MyVRSpot and all options can be found on what we call the Share Bar. The Share Bar is located underneath the media viewer.

Note that the options on the share bar may be different for each media item and user depending on the sharing permissions available to the user.

The Share Bar

The methods of sharing from the Share Bar include a link, embed code, Notify Users, QR code, Google Classroom, or send to Google Drive.

Link/Embed: You can share your media item privately and with viewing restrictions by using the Share Inside MyVRSpot URL. Or, you can share your media item publicly using the Share Outside MyVRSpot URL. You can also copy the embed code to embed your media into a website. You can adjust the width and height by indicating values in the fields or by using the slider. If you would like your video to start automatically or play on a loop, you just need to add “&autostart=true” and/or “&loop=true” to the end of the iframe. ***Please note that many browsers have restrictions on this functionality.***

Notify Users: Using the Notify Users button sends users a message that a media item is ready for them to view. Full details on the Notify Users button can be found here:

QR Code: Generate a QR codes and share it digitally or print it out and physically share the QR code.

Google Classroom: Send a video to your Google Classroom using this button.

Google Drive: Send your media item to your Google Drive account.

NOTE:  If your Share Bar does not appear for you, or the black Share bar is visible with no Sharing Options, please turn OFF your Ad-blocker or Pop-up Blocker for