All saved MediaSpot projects will appear in your media gallery (home page) and will display several icons under the project thumbnail.

Edit Attributes (pencil icon):  The top of the page has the Project URL for viewing or sharing. The Edit Attributes page also allows you to change the name of the project, upload a thumbnail, add tags, activate or inactivate it, edit media permissions, add a QR code, add it to a group, and add standards.

Edit Project (wand icon):  This icon will take you back to your project where you can edit any of the elements.

Share (embed icon):  Clicking the Share icon will display two items: URL links (both internal and external) to your project and the embed code.  The embed code allows you to embed your project into an existing webpage.

Move (arrow icon):  The Move icon gives you the ability to move this MediaSpot project into any folder or sub-folder that you may have already created in your gallery.

Tracking (graph icon):  The Tracking tool will display a report showing how many times your project has been accessed/viewed.  By default, you will see all views for the past 14 days, but you can use the calendar option to change that date range.  The report will show total number of views, separated by date, as well as the average amount of time people are viewing your project.

Trash (trash can icon): Clicking the Trash icon will delete your project.  You will be prompted to confirm that you are wanting to delete the project before it is removed from your gallery.

Accessing Your Project:  To view your saved project, just click on the Project Thumbnail.  This will display your project in our media preview page.  Click “Open Project in a New Window” and your project will display.  If you want to see it from the URL link, just copy the link (access this by clicking the Share icon) and then paste it into a new tab in your browser.