Live Broadcasting

MyVRSpot’s “Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device” Live Broadcasting solution is completely web based, requires no special hardware, and was designed specifically for education.  We provide you all of the credentials you need to broadcast, and will even capture each broadcast, convert it to a video file, and place that video in your MyVRSpot account.  Those videos can then be easily shared via URL link, embed code, QR code, or you can even add it to a Video Showcase

More than 650 school districts and government agencies utilize MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting services for broadcasting board meetings, morning announcements,  distance learning and remote instruction, professional development sessions, theatrical and music performances, sporting events, and much more. Streaming channels can be set up just for viewing by others within your organization, or made available for viewing by parents and  your community via a URL link.  You can even embed the streaming player right into your own web page.

  • Anytime – Your streaming channels are available around the clock and ready to stream.   
  • Anywhere – You can broadcast via a hardwire, Wifi, or cell connection.
  • Any DeviceBroadcast from media encoders, webcams, or from iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Automatically record and archive all of your Broadcasts.

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Live Broadcasting – Built for Education

Hover over the icons below for some of our great Broadcasting features.

Broadcast from Mobile

Broadcast from Mobile

Broadcast directly from iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and more.

Built for Education

Built for Education

Live Broadcasting built for education and trusted by school districts across the country.

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

There is no expensive hardware to buy. Simply connect using a camera or mobile device and broadcast immediately.

Archive Broadcasts

Archive Broadcasts

All broadcasts are recorded and archived. Easily embed recorded broadcasts into your own website.

Live Broadcasting Without Expensive Hardware

Broadcast Board Meetings, Graduations, PD Trainings, Holiday Programs, Sporting Events, Spelling Bees, and More.

Make this the year that you start providing a live broadcast of the district’s special events to all of your teachers, classrooms, parents, grandparents, and community at large. What used to take expensive hardware and a small team of technology gurus to pull off, can now be accomplished by teachers and tech staff.

MyVRSpot would welcome the opportunity to put together a Live Broadcasting package for your specific needs. Our packages start as low as $1,995 per year and includes your own “streaming channels” for broadcasting of your events, along with an allotment of broadcasting hours each week.

“One of the things that we really wanted to do was make our live streams as easy to access as possible for our end users. MyVRSpot was in our price range and fit what we were trying to achieve.”

Matt Murray, Video Specialist, Central Bucks School District

Frequently Asked Questions

As no two districts are alike, why should one assume their Live Broadcasting needs are alike?
We will work with your school or district to create a custom package that meets your specific needs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for schools and districts that are wanting to start broadcasting.

Think of a “Channel” like that of a TV channel, where you can turn from one channel to another to view different Live Broadcasts. Since our broadcasting service is not tied into any one specific device, a district can have various locations broadcast to the same Channel, as long as no two devices are broadcasting at the same time. How many live events do you want to broadcast at the same time? The answer to that question is the number of Channels that you will need.

Our Standard package includes the broadcasting of ten (10) hours of live content each week, though you may find that your needs are far greater. We can tailor your package to include as little as 5 hours per week to a maximum of 168 hours per week.

Perhaps one of the most important questions to be asked is in regards to the viewership of your live broadcasts. This is one of the greatest cost factors, as the cost to allocate 100 viewers versus 1,000 viewers, is substantial. We can even customize your package to include, as an example, 100 viewers on a regular basis, but account for a “special event”, where you would need access for 1,000 viewers. Through this special event pricing option, you don’t have to pay throughout the year for viewers that you are only expecting for a one time special event.

There is no maximum length to any of your MyVRSpot Live Broadcasts. However, there is a limit to how long a single Broadcast will record and save the footage to your MyVRSpot account (see next question). If you have an event that you want to broadcast that will be longer than the maximum recording length, you can reach out to a member of our team and we’ll be happy to set you up with a temporary Channel that does not record.

Your Live Broadcasts will be recorded for up to six (6) consecutive hours at a time. If you broadcast for longer than those six consecutive hours at any one time, your streaming channel will continue to live broadcast, but no longer record or save the footage to your MyVRSpot account.

None at all! You can broadcast directly from any iOS or Android mobile device via the MyVRSpot Broadcaster App, no special hardware required. You can also choose to utilize the encoder or encoding software of your choice, but that step is completely optional and many organizations have found great success in using their mobile devices for all their Live Broadcasts.

Multiple users within your district can be given access to broadcast to the same Channel, just not at the same time. Once one user has started broadcasting to a Channel, the other users will have to wait until that broadcast ends to start a new one.

MyVRSpot Live Broadcasting Channels can be shared to the public via direct URL link. Alternatively, you can embed your Channel directly into a school or district website, making it easy for parents and community members to know exactly where to go to view your broadcasts.

While it is an entirely optional feature that can be enabled or disabled at any time, you do have the option to set your Channel up to allow viewers to participate in a public chat forum during your live broadcasts.

Absolutely! Any Channel can be set up to only allow users who are logged into a MyVRSpot account to view your broadcasts, and this setting can be changed at any time. As long as your staff and students have their own MyVRSpot accounts to log in to, they will have access to view any broadcasts that are set up this way.