MyVRSpot Closed Captioning Helps Keep Your Website ADA Compliant

Are you hosting videos on your school or district website that do not contain closed captioning?  Over the past few years it has become increasingly important for your website to be ADA compliant.  If you are putting videos on your website without closed captioning, you will immediately fail any compliance testing.

MyVRSpot makes it easy to upload video content and add caption files.  We offer three types of captioning services to help with the creation of closed captioning files for videos.

Trial Our Closed Captioning System Today

Fill out the form below for a free trial of the MyVRSpot Closed Captioning solution.  Please make sure to use your school provided email address to expedite the trial setup process.

MyVRSpot Offers Three Options for Closed Caption Generation

In Browser Caption Editor

Create your own caption files in a web browser or upload your own VTT file to attach to any video file.

Included with all MyVRSpot Accounts

Our in browser caption editor will help you create a caption file for any video in your account. Type in your captions and they will instantly be live everywhere your video is shared.

Speech to Text Captions

Our system can take your video and use a speech to text algorithm to generate a caption file.

$5 dollars per hour for MyVRSpot Customers

Captions are generated in just a few minutes using our speech to text software, and once the file is complete, you can manually make changes to the caption file to fix imperfections.

Human Captioning

Submit a request within MyVRSpot and we will create your caption files.

Pricing starts $120 per hour for MyVRSpot Customers

If you need the highest level of accuracy, allow our trained staff to create caption files for your videos. All captions will be available within 24 hours.

Check Out Captioning in Action

The video to the right has closed captioning enabled. Press the Play button on the video, hover over the video player, and press the CC button in the bottom bar. You can toggle ON or OFF closed captioning by toggling this button. If you have enabled captioning, it will save your preference for the next time you view content using the video player. The example to the right uses a MyVRSpot embed code. MyVRSpot allows you to take any video from your account and put it on your website via an embed code, and if captions are available, they will automatically be added to your website.

Look for the CC button on the video player to the right to enable closed captions.