Welcome Back-to-School

As the 2018/19 school year kicks off, the MyVRSpot team wishes you and your school district the best school year yet!

Updates From MyVRSpot

Summer is always a busy time for our development team, and this year was no exception. We have overhauled a few of our more popular tools and features, added some new integration options for account creation, and are only weeks away from releasing our new Digital Signage solution.

As always, if you would like training on any of these new features, or if you and your team need a general overall refresher of the tools available to you, please let us know. To setup an online meeting or training, please contact us via email at support@myvrspot.com.

4 Recent Feature Updates

  1. SmartSpot Makeover
  2. Shared Group Folders
  3. “Favorite” & Group Featured Media
  4. Google Authentication Integration

SmartSpot Quiz Makeover

We have modified the workflow for creating and attaching quizzes to your media items, and believe it is now far more user friendly. In addition, you now have the ability to insert questions within a video, requiring the question(s) to be answered before being allowed to continuing viewing the video file.

Shared Group Folders

While you have been able to create Group Folders for some time now, this new “Shared” feature allows multiple users to add content (based on group permission settings) to each of the Group folders. This is a great enhancement for those groups that have multiple Admins, or where several group members want to be able to upload and share content with the members of the Group.

Favorite Media

We have all been there before….you find that perfect video file uploaded by someone else in the school or district, and you want to be able to flag, tag, or save it for easy access later. With our new “Favorites” feature, you can now easily mark an item as a favorite, and then with a click of the mouse, display all of your favorite items for quick access. When you come across a piece of media that you want to tag as a favorite, just click the Add to Favorites button just under the video on the left. To access your list of favorited items, just click the icon on the top right of your screen.

Group Featured Media

We have also similar functionality of the Favorites, to work within Groups. This feature is called Group Featured Media. A Group Admin can now “feature” any item(s) within the Group by clicking the icon under the media item. Featured media items appear in a special bar atop the main group page. This is an easy way to share specific media items inside of a group for quick consumption by group members.

Google Authentication Integration

If your school or district uses Google for authentication, we can now use these credentials to provision and authenticate users in MyVRSpot. In a matter of minutes, we can set up your MyVRSpot profile to allow any users within the district to log into their MyVRSpot account using their Google credentials. Even if they have never signed into the MyVRSpot system before, using their Google credentials to login will automatically create an account for them within your district.

District Profile

Monongalia County Schools

Monongalia County School’s Chris Urban shares how they integrate MyVRSpot’s solutions throughout the district to:

  • Access and share YouTube content within their Firewall
  • Live Stream events, from morning announcements to a classroom’s pet fish
  • Build a digital yearbook with online digital story creation
  • Customize an HTML website template for a school book club

New Staff – Here We Grow Again

MyVRSpot is proud to welcome the newest members of our team.

Bradley – Northwest Territory Sales Representative

Alecia – Marketing and Implementation

Matt – Western Regional Sales Manager