Video Management Solutions

Built for Education

Video Management and Sharing Made Easy

Take control of all of the media files in your school district by organizing them in one centralized repository.

MyVRSpot is the leading Video Management Solution for the hosting and sharing of user-created media within the K12 education marketplace. This safe and secure system not only provides users with 24/7 access to all of their content, but allows them to search for related content uploaded and shared by other users in the district.

  • Upload, index, and share multimedia in one centralized location.
  • Cloud based service with no expensive hardware to buy.
  • Trusted by 550+ school districts to deliver the hosting and sharing of their multimedia content.

Uploaded content to your MyVRSpot account can be shared with other users within the school or district, and as such, becomes a part of the district’s new and ever-expanding digital repository. The MyVRSpot system is designed as a closed network environment, making sure that the district always has complete control over how uploaded content is shared, with the district maintaining ownership of all uploaded content.


Live Streaming Built for Schools

An easy to use streaming solution with no special hardware to purchase.


Are you looking for a live video streaming solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware or multi-year contracts, and can be setup in just a matter of minutes?

MyVRSpot’s live streaming solution was built to provide schools and school districts with an easy to use anytime, anywhere streaming solution, and can allow end users to stream from devices such as webcams, usb cameras, and even Smartphones.

  • Cloud Based Streaming – No Special Hardware or Servers Required
  • Stream from Smartphones, Tablets, Webcams, and Physical Encoders
  • Record and Archive Your Streams