Quizzes Within Videos

Add questions throughout a video as an assessment tool or to gather feedback.

MyVRSpot’s SmartSpot feature helps transition any ordinary video into an interactive and engaging instructional tool.  SmartSpot quizzes can easily be created for any video item in your account, including videos you manually uploaded, videos created using our Video Recorder tools, or even videos linked from YouTube or Vimeo.

Questions can be created in four different formats:

  • True / False (auto-graded)
  • Multiple Choice (auto-graded)
  • Fill In the Blank (auto-graded)
  • Open Answer

You can insert questions at the beginning of a video (for pre-assessment or to test prior knowledge), at any point throughout the video, at the end of the video, or any combination of such.  Once a SmartSpot quiz has been completed, results can be reviewed by the quiz creator, comments can be left for the students, custom grades can be added, and full results can be exported into several formats. SmartSpot quizzes can even be integrated into your LMS such as Canvas or Schoology for full grade-passback functionality.


Here are some of the great benefits of video quizzes:

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