Video Hosting

As the use of video to support curriculum instruction and professional development continues to climb year after year, it’s imperative that every organization provide a simple means to store and manage all of their user-created media, while providing 24/7 access to all stakeholders.

MyVRSpot is the leading online Video Management Solution built specifically for education, providing your organization a safe and secure method for uploading, creating, archiving, and sharing of digital media. All of your Users will receive unlimited uploading, storage, and bandwidth, while you maintain 100% ownership of all content.

So whether you are looking for a solution to create and share instructional videos with teachers and students, professional development videos with your staff, or videos to share with the community at large, MyVRSpot has a solution ready to implement today.

Why Are Districts and Schools Around the World Choosing MyVRSpot?

Here are just a few of the reasons.


Revolutionize the Way Content is Shared with MyVRSpot

MyVRSpot creates an environment for multimedia to be condensed into one centralized location for end-user consumption on a variety of devices. The new distribution model allows files from every tier of the educational scaffold to be shared instantly. States and districts can directly control content that students and teachers can access 24 hours a day. This shared environment saves time and resources compared to the traditional “top-down” distribution model used for content and curriculum distribution.