Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions Made Easy

Over the past few years, we have heard a repeated request from school districts looking for a better digital sign solution. As school buildings seem to have an increasing number of monitors in hallways, common areas, and other locations throughout their buildings, there had to be an easier way to publish and update media on those monitors efficiently.

MyVRSpot’s SmartSign digital sign solution is completely web based and specifically designed for schools and school districts. Authorized users are able to easily control the content to be displayed on monitors throughout the buildings, including videos, images, and URL links. The solution also directly integrations with MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting solution, which allows any live event to automatically supersede any media being played. This integration is perfect for morning news shows, special announcements, or even emergency announcements from the administrative staff.

The SmartSign solution utilizes our custom build Chrome Extension, and as such, the digital sign content can be viewed on any monitor connected to most any device that can run the Chrome browser and Chrome extension. By utilizing the Chrome extension, district bandwidth usage is minimal, as media is saved to the local drive of each device.

Authorized Admins are able to manage, monitor, and control the content for each digital sign throughout the district, from their single MyVRSpot account, making global and/or standardized content management an easy task.

Highlights of the SmartSign Solution

  • Display videos, images, and URL links

  • Connect your Live Broadcasting channel to any SmartSign

  • Powered by the MyVRSpot Digital Sign extension for Google Chrome

  • Remotely upload and update media from any device

  • Schedule items to appear immediately or at a later date/time

  • Multiple modes for quickly changing between media libraries

  • Runs with any hardware that can run the Chrome browser and Chrome extension

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