Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions Made Easy

Over the past few years, we have heard a common problem from school districts. As school buildings seem to have an increasing number of TV screens in hallways, common areas, and other places in the building, Administrators, Tech Coordinators, and Media Specialists all needed an easy way to publish and update media on these monitors efficiently.

MyVRSpot offers two different solutions for school districts looking for an affordable digital sign solution. The first option is focused on utilizing Raspberry Pi devices, which can connect to any monitor via HDMI. The second option is our web-based Chrome version, which can display media on your monitor(s) via a Google Chrome extension.

Raspberry Pi-Based Solution

Our Raspberry Pi digital signage solution integrates directly with the MyVRSpot system, where all identified media will be saved locally on the Pi memory card. This process will then run the media locally without utilizing the district bandwidth and is a great solution at an affordable price. Each monitor will need a Raspberry Pi unit connected via HDMI and will need an internet connection for content updates. These Pi units are inexpensive to purchase, though many districts already have them. This is a great way to repurpose them using today’s newer technology. We have compiled a buyer’s guide for these items as well as a checklist below.

  • Media runs off the local Pi memory card

  • Display videos, images, and URL links

  • Integrate with our Live Broadcasting service

  • Schedule items to appear immediately or at a later date/time

  • Multiple modes for quickly changing between media libraries

Web-Based Solution

Our newest digital signage solution is run directly from our Chrome extension, and allows you to display media directly to your monitors within your schools and/or district office. Simply enter your sign credentials into the Chrome extension to get started, and you will be ready to remotely upload and update media across multiple monitors.

Please note that by running video on your digital signs through the Chrome extension, you will basically be maintaining a constant internet connection. So this particular solution is ideal for displaying of images and occasional videos to minimize your bandwidth usage.

  • Display videos, images, and URL links

  • Powered by the MyVRSpot Digital Sign extension for Google Chrome

  • Remotely upload and update media from any device

  • Schedule items to appear immediately or at a later date/time

  • Multiple modes for quickly changing between media libraries

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