MyVRSpot Newsletter | October 2018

Fall into Autumn and Fall in Love with MyVRSpot’s Most Recent Updates

This month’s edition covers SmartSigns–our newest solution that uses Raspberry Pi, media tracking and data analytics, MyVRSpot’s Curriculum Corner, and a feature on Gloucester Public Schools and Jim Brogan, their Director of Technology.

New! Digital Signage Solution from MyVRSpot

Do your schools have TVs in the halls and common areas that could be used for digital signs? We’ve released our newest solution, SmartSigns. This solution allows an administrator to quickly and easily add media (videos and images) to their digital signs. You can also create custom modes, controlling which media plays during specific events. Visit our SmartSigns page here to:

  1. Watch the tutorial video,
  2. View the Raspberry Pi requirements, and
  3. Sign up for a free trial.*

Did You Know?

Did you know that we provide you reports on all of your media activity?

Did you know you have data on all of your media’s activity? We’ve been tracking the views and other variables this entire time. Find this valuable information with these steps:

  1. Go to the desired media item,
  2. Click the ‘Tracking’ icon,
  3. Adjust the date range, and
  4. View the activity:Date and time of video view, duration connected to the video, User’s name, IP address of their device, City and State of the viewer.

Note, if “NA” appears instead of a name, that means they do not have an account with MyVRSpot or did not view the content while logged into MyVRSpot.

Curriculum Corner

It’s no surprise that educators battle for the attention of tech-willed students and parents. Lay your weapons down, because we have solutions. In each monthly newsletter, look forward to our Curriculum Corner. We will provide creative ways to integrate MyVRSpot solutions to help engage your students and community.

History with MediaSpot

Make a classroom MediaSpot project and insert media from your students at the end of a unit. The media can be students’ submitted audio and or video of their response to the prompt, “I used to think…, now I think…” about the unit.

Foreign Language with the Recorder Feature

Using MyVRSpot’s Video Recorder tool is a great way to support teaching of a foreign language. Ask a question in the subject language. Have students use the “Recorder” button in MyVRSpot to reply with their answer in that language. You’ll find students practice their accents, apply verb conjugations, and use a wider variety of vocabulary.

School Pride with Video Showcase

Make a Video Showcase telling your website visitors why your school is outstanding. Add videos from teachers, parents, students and staff every week.

Share Your Success

Send us your success stories, ideas, lesson plans or other brag-worthy material that you would like to have featured in one of our future newsletters.

District Profile

Jim Brogan, Director of Technology, shares his success implementing technology at Gloucester Public Schools in Virginia. Read the full article here. Learn:

  • How to become a Director of Technology of a school district.
  • Why their schools live stream daily.
  • How to get students to own their work.
  • What they use to maintain ADA compliance.

New Staff – Here We Grow Again

MyVRSpot is proud to welcome the newest member of our team.

Sally – Midwest Territorial Sales Representative.